• Spring Maintenance Calendar


  • Finish All Liriope and Pampas Grass Cut Back
  • Finish Turf Scalping (Bermuda and Zoysia ONLY)
  • Fertilize, Weed and Deadhead Flowers as Needed (If Installed by Our Company)
  • Finish Final Mulch Applications
  • Bed Pre‐emergence Herbicides Applications
  • Remove Die Back from Lower Limbs in Small Trees
  • Spring Tree and Shrub Fertilization
  • Rose Bush Pruning
  • Finish Pruning of Crape Myrtles


  • Turf Fertilization (High Nitrogen; Slow Release)
  • Turf Post‐Emergence Herbicides
  • Shrub Pruning of New Growth (As Needed)
  • Spring Start‐Up of Irrigation System
  • Inspect Trees, Turf, Shrubs for Insects and Disease and Treat If Needed
  • Start Spring Flower Installation
  • Begin Full‐Scale Turf Mowing, Trimming and Edging
  • Begin 2nd Turf Pre‐emergence Herbicide Treatments


  • Finish 2nd Turf Pre‐emergence Herbicides Treatment
  • Miticides/Iron on Junipers
  • Fertilize, Deadhead and Weed Flowers as Needed (If Installed by Our Company)
  • Turf Post‐Emergence Weed Control (As Needed)
  • Turf Mowing and Edging Turf and Bed Trimming
  • Pruning of Shrubs (As Needed)
  • Treat Any Turf or Shrub Insect or Disease Infestations (If Necessary)
  • Fertilize Any Turf Exhibiting Poor Green‐Up (Use Iron for a Greener Color)
  • Remove Tree Suckers and Any Vines from Shrubs

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