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Landscape Design

Thinking of building your dream back yard? We have you covered from Resort Style Pools, Creative Outdoor Living Areas and Landscape Design all-in-one when you choose Ideal Landscape Solutions. We have a passion for what we do best. Our clients can expect only the best when it comes to design. We have landscape architecture covered from pool construction design to custom outdoor living areas. Our clients can expect a drafted CAD master drainage plan, plant design and irrigation outlining the key features of your pool or hardscaping. The plan will include landscaping, system. Contact our design team so we can get to work!

Landscape Design

In the first meeting, your designer will listen to your wants, budgets, and requirements for your space. Next we will get to work on customizing a design just for you. Depending on our clients needs our design team will discuss the level of design plan that best suits your project. Our estimators will discuss your pricing for the design based the key design components. From there our team will get to work and further customize your design based on your feedback. Our team will provide you with a detailed cost estimate and will provide extensive options and details regarding your project. Also visit us at our landscaping show room at 3819 Holly Springs Parkway, Canton Georgia.

Standard Design Consultation

With this options its seems to be best with smaller simplified projects and with customers that may have experience in having landscape construction previously. Our team will create your design plan hand drafted usually on site but some time back at our office depending on the size and or schedule of our estimator. This also seems to work best with clients that would rather discuss the on site design in person rather then receive a full plan from our Landscape Architect and or designers. This option still allows our clients to present our design to your HOA. The cost of the basic sketch is $200.00 and a credit will be applied to your contractonce your proposal is expected. That mean its no charge to you. If you feel that it would be best to have a full scaled plan developed then we get right on it. Our design rate of $140.00 per hour will be applied to your total cost estimate - invoice.

Inclusive Landscape Design

With this option it is most suggested for projects over $35,000 range and to include our 3D rendering design stages. The process works the same expect this level of design will provide our customer of a to scaled outdoor design plan in color. This would generally include our clients seeking pools, extensive outdoor areas, porches, and retaining walls. During the design steps our team will also go over the engineering steps. Our billable rates start at $750.00 minimum for this design stage. We also let our customers know this is a multi step process and we have many design ideas ready to go to fit your application and space. It's fast and simple fill out the contact form and we are on the way!

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